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All of the SuiteCommerce products require the 'SuiteCommerce Configuration' record to be setup and configured in order for the website to appear correctly. When additional extensions are activated, the configuration will need to be revisited based on each specific client needs. 

Estimate includes the following activities:
  • Configure the SuiteCommerce configuration record

Estimate Details

Anchor Group works on a time and material basis which means that you will be invoiced for the time actually consumed. This general estimate is based on the standard needs for the services described. Please reach out to your Anchor Group sales rep to make sure that each service item is correctly quoted for your specific use case. 

Typically these are some areas that impact the estimated level of effort in an engagement:
  • Size of the business (either number of employees or the annual revenue)
  • Industry 
  • Complexity of your business processes in your industry
  • How savvy are your employees and key stakeholders with ERP systems
    • Experience implementing ERP
    • Experience working in ERP
    • Ability to be curious and a self-learner when hitting roadblocks
  • Number of NetSuite modules that need to be implemented
  • How good your team is at providing detailed requirements
    • Include conditions for certain scenarios
    • Ability to know general technical architecture and flow of data
    • Ability to provide detailed process flow maps for visuals (we recommend using LucidChart for this)

Need Customizations?
  •  Add to quote and provide additional requirements for customization needs during the process. 

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This implementation service activity requires an add-module. 
  • Requires NetSuite
  • Requires a SuiteCommerce Product
    • SuiteCommerce
    • SuiteCommerce Advanced
    • SuiteCommerce MyAccount