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Anchor Group has an experienced team of NetSuite consultants and developers with specializations across the ERP including an extra specialty in SuiteCommerce. Our managed service plan support packages give you access to our entire team of resources so that you can be assured you have the expertise in the correct areas.

It is expensive to hire top-talent NetSuite experts because if you want to get all the support required to optimize a top-performing NetSuite system, you’ll need several skill sets. Anchor Group's managed service support packages allow you to have access to all of these resources. Did you know the average NetSuite consultant or developer salary is $115,000 annually? After the rest of your overhead costs (the rule of thumb is 1.25 – 1.4 times the salary for benefits and taxes), your company is facing between $143,000 – $161,000 per NetSuite professional you decide to hire. Each one of these professionals is only specialized in a portion of the NetSuite environment so you can expect to need a minimum of 2 employees to cover at least the Functional/UI side of NetSuite & the technical/development side of NetSuite. If you have eCommerce, you’ll need an eCommerce developer too! It doesn’t take much calculation to determine how valuable Anchor Group is to your organization and how it transforms the way you look at NetSuite support.

Here are some examples of ways companies are using this service:
  • NetSuite reports and saved searches
  • Workflows
  • SuiteScript
  • Solution Design and Architecture
  • NetSuite User Training
  • Technical Documentation Buildout specific to NetSuite instance
  • New NetSuite module implementations
  • Integration development and support
  • Custom Integration development
  • ERP Health checks
  • SuiteCommerce development and configuration
  • Support across all NetSuite modules
  • NetSuite CRM automation
  • Outsourced NetSuite administration
  • Accounting setup support
  • Custom SuiteScript or workflows in NetSuite
  • Reimplementing NetSuite ERP after a failed implementation
  • Providing a resource to your employees to ask NetSuite questions
  • Building custom fields and logic in the ERP
  • Advanced PDF or email templates for sales orders, invoices, & quotes
  • Custom applications built inside NetSuite

Estimate Details

Anchor Group NetSuite managed service support plans are the best way for you to get the NetSuite consulting and development support you need on all your projects. This boost to your NetSuite optimization and usage helps you leverage the software with more automation and control like never before. Over time, your automation investment will see a compounding impact on everyday life which can launch your business forward in growth. With fast and efficient access to top NetSuite talent, you’ll have a dedicated resource on your bench for when you need it most. Need someone to take charge of your NetSuite environment as an outsourced administrator by finding areas to improve for you? These hours can be utilized for that as well. 

Self-Service Monitoring

  • Monitor the hours utilized as well as the status of your projects or tasks through the Anchor Group SuiteCommerce Advanced customer portal
  • As you grow in confidence in the value of Anchor Group support plans, make sure to take advantage of promotions for purchasing larger blocks of hours!

Change Order / Estimated level of effort / Communication on Estimates
  • Estimated hours for specific tasks are provided throughout the engagement
    • Automatic 2-hour approval for new requests
    • Estimated level of effort provided via email for your approval if it is estimated between 2 - 40 hours
    • Estimated level of effort provided via DocuSign if a request is estimated to take above 40 hours

Have you already identified customizations that need to be quoted now?
  •  Add to quote and provide additional requirements for customization needs during the process. 

Learn how to build your own quote!

Note: It can be challenging to provide highly detailed quotes until the requirements and solution design portion of an engagement is completed. Sometimes it can be useful to sign an engagement just for a solution design and assessment or have this be the first part of a managed service plan engagement. 

Using the managed service hours:
Since Anchor Group is reserving resources and blocking our calendars, all unused hours do not carry over month to month and must be used. One exception to this is for the 1st month where the unused hours do carry over through the 2nd month. Anchor Group needs to schedule the correct resources to make sure they are available at the right time, so the client will need to provide a list of tasks to the project manager by the 15th of the previous month. This allows the project manager to allocate the correct resources at the right time. Urgent requests may be made but the client understands that urgent requests for tasks to be completed tend to be a less efficient use of time and should be avoided if possible so that Anchor Group can provide the best customer experience. There are no fees or increases to the hourly rate when needing to go over the managed service plan commitment hours. Our clients commit to a minimum every month to unlock lower hourly rates. 

Upgrading managed service plan:
The client can upgrade the managed service plan to allow for more hours without extending the term of the contract. No plan downgrades are allowed. Anchor Group will communicate the start date of your upgraded managed service plan so we can ensure we will have the bandwidth to support the upgrade at the right time.

Renewing the managed service plan:
To ensure the same project manager, it is best for the client to sign with a longer-term engagement initially. When renewing the managed service plan, the rates may change based on any updates to the managed service plan rates. One way to lock in your discounted rate for longer is to sign a longer term. To have the best chance of maintaining the same project manager, the client should have another signed engagement renewal 4 weeks prior to the managed service plan expiration date.


Anchor Group provides NetSuite consulting and development services. We are experts in all NetSuite modules including the SuiteCommerce module. 

Anchor Group is not a team of experts in other software solutions outside of NetSuite. We focus entirely on NetSuite and its modules including SuiteCommerce. Although we can provide some support in Celigo, Dell Boomi, and other integration solutions, our specialty is within the NetSuite modules and SuiteScripting options so our efficiency will be lower in these areas. We are happy to support you with them still but they are areas where you can expect lower efficiencies.