Custom Content Type (CCT)

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Solution Description

Anchor Group can create new custom content types which are the drag and drop components you can use within Site management tools on SuiteCommerce. This means you can make customizations that are configurable through Site Management Tools (SMT/ NetSuite CMS). This estimate includes the level of effort to create a standard component from an existing extension that you already have so that it is more configurable. 

Estimate Details

Estimate includes the following activities:
- Install and activate SuiteCommerce extension
- Make a custom content type for Site Management Tools from an existing extension

Does not include:
- Project Management (typically adds 25%)
- Testing (typically adds 10%)
- Setting up of developer tools (not needed if already an existing SuiteCommerce client)
- Connecting to the code repository (not needed if already an existing SuiteCommerce client)


- SuiteCommerce
- SuiteCommerce Advanced
- SuiteCommerce MyAccount